Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar

The Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar is a multidisciplinary seminar series with broadly defined topics. They include biological and soft matter physics, biophysics, structural and computational biology with equal emphasis on experimental and theoretical and computational approaches. The Biological Physics Seminar is organized by the Center for Biological Physics and co-sponsored by the Department of Physics and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery (CASD). 

If you have any questions regarding the seminar please contact

Douglas Shepherd,  Seminar Organizer

Juliet Speas, Seminar Coordinator

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The Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar is held every Wednesday during the academic school year. The seminar is held from 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm at Goldwater Center for Science and Engineering (GWC) room 487.

In the event the seminar must be held virtually due to public health restrictions, Zoom information will be emailed a few days prior to the Seminar day (and will be included in the CBP-INFO mailings – please subscribe using the maroon Subscribe button above). We have a no-recording policy for these seminars to encourage sharing of new and unpublished results.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
Vincent Noireaux University of Minnesota Building Synthetic Cells Using Cell-Free Transcription-Translation Jong Seto
John McCutcheon Arizona State University - School of Life Sciences The Origins and Endpoints of Beneficial Bacterial Infections Doug Shepherd
Tim Grant Wisconsin New Methodologies for Preparing and Imaging Cryo-EM Samples Brent Nannenga
Ernesto Fuentes University of Iowa PDZ Domains: Model Systems for Studying Allostery, Dynamics, and Binding Specificity Banu Ozkan
John Miller U Houston, Physics Normal and Impaired Charge Transport in Biological Systems Dmitry Matyushov
Chang Liu University of California, Irvine Extensive Gene Evolution on Laboratory Timescales Jeremy Mills
Bo Liang Emory University - Department of Biochemistry Structures and Regulations of Respiratory Syncytial Virus RNA Synthesis Po-Lin Chiu
Shalin Mehta Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Scalable Analysis of Cellular Dynamics with Correlative Imaging and Deep Learning Doug Shepherd
Justin Siegel UC Davis Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Unlock an Unrealized Potential of Our Food System Banu Ozkan
Alex Dunn Stanford Mechanotransduction At Cell-Cell Junctions: Beyond the Usual Suspects Rizal Hariadi