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Biological Physics Seminar

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CBP Seminar Series talks will be held via Zoom.

We look forward to having you join us on Zoom for our Seminar Series in Fall 2020!

The Biological Physics Seminar is a multidisciplinary seminar series with broadly defined topics. They include biological and soft matter physics, biophysics, structural and computational biology with equal emphasis on experimental and theoretical and computational approaches.The Biological Physics Seminar is organized by the Center for Biological Physics and co-sponsored by the Department of Physics and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery (CASD). 

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The Biological Physics Seminar is held every Wednesday during the academic school year. The seminar is held from 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm over Zoom.  Zoom information will be emailed a few days prior to the Seminar day (and will be included in the CBP-INFO mailings – please subscribe using the blue button above). We have a no recording policy for these seminars to encourage sharing of new and unpublished results.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
September 9, 2020 Audrone Lapinaite Arizona State University Structure of a CRISPR-based DNA editor: Towards the Design of a Next Generation Precision Genome Editing Tool Banu Ozkan
September 16, 2020 Brian Timko Tufts University Bioelectronics in Tissue Engineering and Disease Modeling Quan Qing
September 23, 2020 Sydney Shaffer, University of Pennsylvania Rare Cell Variability and Drug Resistance in Cancer Douglas Shepherd
September 30, 2020 Ashok Prasad Colorado State University Blobs of Matter: Cell Morphology and Cell State Banu Ozkan
October 7, 2020 Kimberly Reynolds University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Sequence Constraints in an Essential Metabolic Enzyme Banu Ozkan
October 14, 2020 Medha Pathak University of California-Irvine Watching Cellular Mechanotransduction: Piezo1 in Neural Stem Cell Fate Matthias Heyden
October 21, 2020 Daniel Zuckerman Oregon Health & Science University Why Theory Matters: Advancing our Understanding of BiomolecularBehavior Abhi Singharoy
October 28, 2020 Michael Levin Tufts University Endogenous Bioelectric Pattern Memories in Embryogenesis, Regeneration, and Cancer as New Targets for Biomedicine Stuart Lindsay
November 4, 2020 Martin T. Zanni University of Wisconsin-Madison A Potassium Ion Channel Conundrum Addressed with Ultrafast 2D IR Spectroscopy and MD Simulations Oliver Beckstein
November 11, 2020 No Seminar Veteran’s Day Holiday
November 18, 2020 Kingshuk Ghosh University of Denver Theoretical Physics of Disordered Proteins Reveals Biological Insights Steve Pressé