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Graduate Seminars

The Graduate Seminar is organized by students for students. Graduate students and postdocs in CBP  take advantage of the seminar series that allows each student to present and refine their research. These seminars are open to faculty members and other interested colleagues. This activity serves two purposes, both broadening the interests of students and giving them the opportunity for oral presentations. And there is free pizza.

If you have any questions or want to present your research, please contact the Graduate Student Seminar Coordinators:


The biophysics graduate seminar is held on Tuesdays on a bi-monthly basis during the academic year. Seminars take place in PSF 372 and begin at 11:15 pm and last for about one hour. Discussions are encouraged!

Sep 4 2018 Electron Microscopy on GaN based semiconductors Shanthan Alugubelli Department of Physics
Sep 18 2018 Formalism for coupled equilibria: statistical mechanics and applications Ian Kenney Department of Physics
Oct 2 2018 Nonlinear dielectric effects of monohydric alcohols Amanda Young School of Molecular Sciences
Oct 16 2018 Exploring molecular recognition through analysis of high density peptide microarray data Pritha Bisarad Biodesign Institute
Oct 30 2018 Temperature effects on kinetics of electron transfer in molecules and proteins Morteza Waskasi School of Molecular Sciences
Nov 13 2018 TBA Felicia Gibson
Nov 27 2018 TBA Mahzad Khoshlessan