CBP hosts the Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar with leading experts in the field of biological and soft matter physics, including biophysics and structural and computational biology. The Graduate Seminar is organized by students and offers graduates a venue for presenting their research to their peers in a friendly environment. CPB also hosts topical workshops.

Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar

Each semester we host about ten distinguished physicist from leading laboratories and universities to present their latest research. The area of interest is broadly defined as biological and soft matter physics, including biophysics and structural and computational biology. Speakers cover experimental, computational, and theoretical approaches.

The Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminar is co-sponsored by the Center for Biological Physics (CBP), the Center for Applied Structural Discovery (CASD), and the Department of Physics.

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Chalk Talks

The Biophysics Chalk Talk is a multidisciplinary series reflecting a broad range of topics typically offered in the Biological Physics & Structural Discovery Seminars. By contrast to the Biological Physics Seminars, the presentation is accomplished with chalk at hand. This setting provides a step-by-step simplified exposition of one’s work that is more focused on the logic of the science presented rather than on results as would be the case in traditional seminars.

Graduate Seminar

The Graduate Seminar is organized by students for students. Graduate students and postdocs in CBP  take advantage of the seminar series that allows each student to present and refine their research. These seminars are open to faculty members and other interested colleagues. This activity serves two purposes, both broadening the interests of students and giving them the opportunity for oral presentations. And there is free pizza.

Workshops & BioPhest

Workshops are held on a trending topic basis. This allows for faculty and students to identify trending research and processes and meet with a prominent physicist to dialogue and collaborate.

CBP also bienally hosts BioPhest – a joint workshop between the University of Arizona and ASU that fosters the exchange between the biophysics communities across Arizona. The workshop is held alternatingly at ASU and U of A.